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Gratitude Magnet - Savour the nectar of life uv print on wooden magnet

Gratitude Magnet - Savour the nectar of life uv print on wooden magnet

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Love, light, money or gratitude magnet. Choose your mantra, affirmation, positive words or symbols and vibrant colours to spark your joy and get you back into alignment. Wooden magnet and high quality UV print. Washable, durable and up cyclable product made in Quebec, Canada. All art is made by a human artist Yanik Falardeau and benefits our mission.

Size and Materials

Materials: High-quality UV printing on cherry wood with a magnet on the back.

Number of pieces: 1


2 inches by 2.625 inches

Advantages and Benefits

Original designs by a human artist. Useful, washable, durable and upcyclable. Plus, you’re helping us to create sanctuary for hummingbirds and humans alike. Kind thanks!

Durable & Sustainable Manufacturing

  • Local and mindful sourcing of all our components.
  • Made of wood. Sturdy, long product lifespan, and transformable.
  • UV printing is more environmentally friendly than vinyl printing due to its instant curing, reduced energy consumption, and elimination of VOC emissions.

Symbolism and Intent for the creation

Each love, light, gratitude or money magnet is designed to spark your joy and bring you back to source. We select affirmations, mantras, or positive words and combine them with meaningful symbols that will help you focus and get into alignment. Be a magnet for bright beams of positive thoughts, energy and love.


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Thank you for supporting our Mission

Each purchase helps us create hummingbird havens and food sanctuaries for humans. Let love bloom! Infinite gratitude for your purchase!