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Talisman Droplet Earrings

Talisman Droplet Earrings

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Talisman Droplet Earrings

Chakra Awakening Collection 

All the models you see in the photo gallery are out of stock, but I'm currently producing a new Chakra Alignment Collection. Thank you for your interest in my Talisman Droplet Earrings! I will be launching on February 13th. All the details will be posted to Facebook and Instagram. I am also currently accepting a few custom orders at this time. Please reserve yours by placing an order.  

Art of alignment

The pendants measure 2 inches and joyfully dance near the throat chakra.

The talisman earrings are light and pleasant to wear, captivating attention with their colors and the intentions you place in them. They all have hypoallergenic hooks suitable for sensitive ears.

Alignment is cultivated one moment, one thought, one intention, one emotion, one word, and one action at a time. I invite you to cultivate the art of your alignment using these earrings as a visual reminder to realign your thoughts.

How to activate their magic:

Before wearing them, decide on the word or mantra you want to assign to them. Mentally take note to repeat your mantra each time you see yourself in the mirror or when people mention your earrings, and soon you will realize their (and your) true power.

Do you have a special request? 

I sometimes accept custom orders, so please get in touch via email at or Facebook if you want to discuss a special request. Thank you for placing your order to activate the creative process. Pieces will be shipped out in two weeks. 

Thank you for participating in the conscious economy and for choosing to be an active co-creator of a better world. 

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