Kolibrico is a creative collective and we are growing

Hello! We are Yanik, Serge, Loïk and Happy. We are at the root of the first Kolibrico Sanctuary. Our Art, and our beings are dedicated to our mission. We are delighted that our colors resonate with you.

Are you also a Kolibri human who wishes to pollinate joy, love, and peace on Earth now and even until the end of time? Welcome to our expanding and supportive universe! We plan to be here for 30,000 years.




    Our mission is to create hummingbird havens and food sanctuaries for hummingbirds an food sanctuaries for humans in Quebec and wherever hummingbirds nest. We aim to share our knowledge and experiences to inspire and connect with people and organizations who share common goals. 


    Create a community of souls who are active and driven by similar intentions where we can promote visionary entrepreneurs and creators who consciously contribute to the emergence of a better world. 


    Inspire others to create their own sanctuaries for pollinators by sharing what we learn along the way. 

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What would you like to co-create?

Our workshop is located in Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts, Quebec, Canada, but is not currently open to the public.

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Interested in collaborating?

We are always open to partnerships with individuals and businesses that share our values and actively contribute to conscious economy to co-create a better world.

The best way to reach us is via email:

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