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Hand painted hummingbird on wood

Hand painted hummingbird on wood

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One-of-a-kind Hand painted hummingbird

Our hummibgbirds are painted on recycled wood and they can be installed on a wall in the heart of your home.

The hummingbird is a totem animal that invites you to savour the nectar of life. Invite the hummingbird into your home to connect with the magic of life.


Do you have a special request ? I would love to paint a one-of-a-kind piece for you or for a loved one. Get in touch to tell me what would make your heart soar. Infinite gratitude,

Yanik Alignment Artist

Size and Materials

Size: 5x7

Materials: Recycled Wood

Each hummingbird is unique and measures approximately 5x7 inches. (Sometimes a bit smaller or slightly larger) They are carved, sanded, and hand-painted on recycled Birch.

Paint: Golden

Finish: Archival Varnish

I exclusively use professional-grade acrylic paints from the Golden brand. I attach a small recycled hook to the back so you can hang them on the wall. Two layers of varnish protect them, but they are not intended for outdoor installation.

Symbolism and Intent for the Creation

The Medicine and Message of the Hummingbird

In addition to spreading enchantment wherever it goes, the hummingbird invites us to open our hearts to savor the nectar of life, regardless of the circumstances we may face. These tiny creatures travel great distances each year, making the round trip from our Quebec yards to Central America, confident that they will find the nectar they need along the way. They are active, agile, and know how to defend their flowers.

As they journey through life, the Hummingbird pollinates flowers to foster life on earth. Native American legends have taught us that the Hummingbird does its part to extinguish fires by placing its tiny drop of water.

It is a powerful symbol that gently expresses itself in your life, guiding you toward a heart and consciousness alignment in your daily actions.


  • Local and mindful sourcing of all our components.
  • Made of wood. Sturdy, long product lifespan, and transformable.
  • UV printing is more environmentally friendly than vinyl printing due to its instant curing, reduced energy consumption, and elimination of VOC emissions.


To reduce our carbon footprint, we conduct deliveries twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays.


Standard packages are sent via Canada Post:

Quebec: 2-5 days

Canada: 4-10 days

US and International: Up to 14 days


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Thank you for supporting our mission

Every purchase helps us create hummingbird havens and food sanctuaries for humans. Love blooms, thanks to you!