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Hummingbird and Sunflower - UV print on a wooden cell phone holder (iPhone Android).

Hummingbird and Sunflower - UV print on a wooden cell phone holder (iPhone Android).

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Wooden Cell Phone Stand

Cell Stand (wood) for Android or iPhone. Handcrafted love and intent in our workshop in the Laurentians. 

Artist : Yanik Falardeau Theme: Hummingbird and Tropical Plants

Useful at the office, in the kitchen or bathroom or on your bed-side-table.   

Size and Materials

Model: Compact - Travel

Materials: UV Print on Cherry Wood with Particle Board Core

Number of Pieces: 2


Back: 7 1/8 inches high by 3 inches wide (18.1 cm x 7.62 cm)
Base: 2 3/4 inches wide by 3 1/4 inches long (7 cm x 8.26 cm)

Advantages and Benefits

Ergonomic: Maintains a comfortable viewing angle, reducing strain on the neck and eyes during prolonged use.
Hands-Free: Allows for hands-free use, ideal for video calls, content watching, or following recipes while cooking.
Stability: Provides a stable base, preventing damage to the phone.
Dedicated Phone Dock: No more searching for your phone!
Tech Break: Set your phone down. Take a break and step back, promoting more mindful cellphone use.
Portable: Splits into two parts for flat storage or transport in compact spaces like small purses or suitcases.
Intentional: Choose an image or words that inspire you to cultivate alignment in your communications.

Durable & Sustainable Manufacturing

  • Local and mindful sourcing of all our components.
  • Made of wood. Sturdy, long product lifespan, and transformable.
  • UV printing is more environmentally friendly than vinyl printing due to its instant curing, reduced energy consumption, and elimination of VOC emissions.

Symbolism and Intent for the creation

Hummingbird - Invites you to savor the nectar of life and represents joy and lightness, agility, resilience, speed and precision, energy and vitality, and interdependence.

Sunflower - The sunflower is a symbol of warmth, positivity, and adoration. Its vibrant yellow petals and distinctive face-like center represent the sun and its life-giving energy. The sunflower is associated with traits such as happiness, loyalty, and longevity. Additionally, it symbolizes resilience, as it turns its face towards the sun, following its path throughout the day. In various cultures, the sunflower is also linked to spiritual growth, faith, and the pursuit of a bright and optimistic future.

Yellow : The color yellow is often associated with attributes such as positivity, energy, and warmth. It symbolizes joy, happiness, and a sense of optimism. Yellow is also linked to creativity, intellect, and clarity of thought. In various cultures, it can represent enlightenment, new beginnings, and the warmth of the sun. Additionally, yellow is known to stimulate mental activity and evoke feelings of confidence and positivity.


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